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I am a long time writer, who has finally found a subject...

Hidden in the caves of outer Boredom, I chanced to hear of a phenomena known as 'Angel' - I went exploring, and from there, there came another soft call of 'Stargate', then the thin wavering cry of the 'Supernatural', followed by the long-awaited call of 'Doctor Who', 'TARDIS' and their friend 'Torchwood' (traced by the genius known as Sherlock)... I emerged from the cave and found that there were others out there - humans who had become lost in the land of 'Dis-Imagination' brought on by the Wars of the Networks, and they too had become sad and ate lots and lots of Spagetti-O's and bacon and tomato sandwiches, looking for solace and comfort in a dreary, soulless world...

Therein came the Joss - and after that, the 'Gate, followed by the men of Winchester (and of course the Blue Box with a yummy Timelord and Captain inside!) - and the sun shone down and the Land became free again... The War was over and peace reigned in the form of Fanfic - the major power that took over after the War was lost to something known as 'Rigged Ratings' - and Hope was born anew...

Now except for some minor upheavels (the Joss was challenged to a series duel and won in the DVD Wars to bring more Beauty to the Big Screen - though the Hero of ANGEL was lost forever), peace, prosperity, fanfic and chocolate abound through the land - and I find myself immersed in the new world, with a pretty good position as Reader of Fantastic Fic (and ogler of pretty pics and awesome icons)...

It can only get better from here...

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